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The saviour of a lost soul

In a speed of light movement his blade made a slashing sound through the cold breeze as it cut off another head. Even before this poor soldier realized he is headless, the next lightning fast movement slashed open another soldier’s chest. Soldiers eager to end this warrior’s existence. Soldiers eager to have a date with Death. The old sword was well worn but still extremely deadly when guided by this warrior, who perfected the ability of speed, timing and the art of not wasting a good move.

Wise warriors should fear this one. Fear is more friendly than Death.

This strange warrior from another world, also known as a Keysiano, became a slave to his endless path of blood. He didn’t choose this, but war scars you so deeply that choices are not always yours to make. His vision became clogged and his mind was rarely at ease. Something evil possessed Filo Corpus, which slowly poisoned his heart and mind. A demon took place within him.
As he had more battlescars than anyone could count, one might assume that one of these wounds once left him prone for this demon to possess him. To eventually consume him. Slowly. 
The demon though was unaware of this dark little beauty suddenly entering Filo’s life. The beautiful mystery girl in black. Filo’s warrior queen with a soul so pure she could easily senze this evil presence.
She had her own will and was soon to be interferring with the demon’s plans. 
She acted fearless trying to protect and heal her beloved warrior and with her magic touch she awakened something broken deep inside Filo. The demon was clever and countered her move by blocking his vision. He could feel her magic touch, but was no longer able to see. His soul was trapped. 
 Now the demon became aware of this warrior queen, strongly fighting back day and night. 
As the demon grew stronger, it manipulated Filo only to become a slave to his own misery and darkness.

Filo became so blinded he could barely see the difference between friend and foe, attacking his own kind. Even his brothers in arms watched their good friend turn to an endless quest for blood. 

Meanwhile the girl in black is fighting the hardest battle of them all. Focused and determined she uses all her strength fighting the demon, while at the same time she struggles to reach Filo’s heart. To give him a message. Reach his emotions.

But the demon is strong.

Too strong.

Frustrated, now exhausted and furious the warrior queen attempts one last act in desperation.
She focus all her energy leaping forward and attacks her warrior while screaming her heart out in sorrow.

Determined she targets her blade and strikes right through the warrior’s chest.

A moment of silence followed while she looked him in the eyes, seing a glimpse of his soul.

The evil power of the demon then recoiled like a lightning ball through her sword, leaving both the mystery girl and the Keysiano struck on the ground deeply wounded. 

The demon slowly dies evaporizing from the wound in Filo’s chest. 
Filo was finally able to open his eyes again and feel the passion of his fiery heart awakened by his love. The world was a beautiful place, even though they both suffered heavily injuries during this evil battle. 
He made a promise never to let any demon back into his soul ever again as he felt that his days of endless wars was coming to an end. His dream was to run a small farm to cultivate their love. 

His wounded body and mind was exhausted after this evil enlightment and he felt that the world was to beautiful to waste on blood and destruction.

As he listened to his heart he was guided to choose love, peace and balance in life.

The warrior and his warrior queen lived easy nourishing the happy life of love, balance and peace. They were happy for a while not worrying about the aftermath which was about to rise.

Like all fairytales this should be the happy ending where love conquers all and they both lived happily ever after. Unfortunately this is no fairytale. A devil so powerful still lurks angry in the darkness of afterlife. Even though Filo had made a promise never to let evil back inside, he forgot to search within himself to make sure there were no evil left behind.

Filo eventually went back into battle again. Not a war, cause he knew he still needed more healing and he realized he didn’t have passion for war anymore. He was extremely good at it, but his passion layed elsewhere. Small battle assignments as a mercenary just to make a living, he thought, until his farmer life days could start together with the love of his life.

The warrior queen was worried. Isn’t this to soon for new battles?

He should be listening!

For once more he was chosen the way of blood. 

Filo accepted more and more assignments not too worried about his life or his love, focused mostly on the prize to come. You see, life is tricky this way and some things has it’s own will. And this time the devil didn’t reveal himself so easily.

The sweet prize he thought he was gaining instead turned into a bitter price to pay!

Slowly Filo’s vision, mind and heart became foggy. The Keysiano never knew. The warrior queen could senze it, barely, and yet again she suspected the presence of the well hidden evil.

She was not to be tricked so easily, making her own plans for the devil to reveal himself. Everyday she went into the shadows to repair, awaken and nourish broken emotions deep inside her warrior’s soul.
She even summoned the great flame in Filo’s heart to burn more intense so he would always feel her love. No matter where he went. 

The Keysiano was troubled when spending time with his love instead of fighting and the evil inside of him became more and more present as the dramas of war haunted him. She, on the other hand, had in secret given him all the tools needed to get rid of the evil himself, but the devil blinded him too heavily blocking his ability to reach into his soul. Only a few times could he senze that something was off, but the devil was to anonymous for him to recognise.

He could no longer see. The strong feeling of love and passion he had from his queen still didn’t give him the ability to see that his battles slowly destroyed their love and nourished the devil. That was sad indeed, especially since he didn’t even want to fight anymore. The devil lured him. Convinced him the battles was necessary for their future life, so they soon could retire on the farm – together. In their paradise.

He fought countless battles and won them all. He visualized his actions as a token of deep love and passion for his queen. For their future life.

Meanwhile the devil in him grew even stronger.

The warrior queen have had enough of this nonsense. She was soon about to reveal her true self. To be more than a queen of war, more than the mystery girl in black. Who was she?

She needed to take action once more.
Well aware of the danger she made a sacrifice to save them both. She took a big leap of faith and jumped screaming in fear towards the warrior once again pushing both her magic hands deep into his body.

The mystery girl ripped out the devil and eliminated it using the strong love in her heart. It nearly killed her kind and gentle soul touching this fog of evil. 

At the exact moment the devil left his body a rush of emotions hit Filo like a sledge hammer. The warrior could now see clearly and realised that his queen had repaired, nourished and protected his broken soul, treasured his fiery heart and kept his strong emotions safe.

All for him to be discovered as soon as evil no longer was present in his life.

She’d been working day and night planting seeds of love, watering them and watching them grow in his soul to make him whole again. To make him feel safe, loved and pleased in this world.

In that moment she revealed herself to him – as the goddess of love. Nothing less.

Nearly destroyed by her act of true love she looked him deeply into his eyes with pain and agony. The tears in her eyes said it all. He was the love of her life, but her soul was now deeply wounded.
She needed to heal for a long time. Far, far away…

Far away from her warrior.
The warrior who became a farmer, now equipped with the powers to heal her soul. The abilities SHE found and maintained deep inside of him. For he was the guardian of evil now. And the farmer of love. She was no longer the protector of his soul as she left him with all these powers to be figured out on his own. 

The great sacrifice of love she did to make him see clearly in this truly beautiful world, nearly destroyed her.

She was the saviour of his lost soul.

Filo wanted to use his powers to heal her beautiful soul. But it was too late. She was already long gone.

And now he forever will be chained to the love and passion for this goddess of love. 

Sadly, love was the one battle the warrior could not win. 

Cause love shouldn’t be a battle. 

t should just be…